Kabaradis Wine

It is a 100% Nebbiolo, with a ruby red color with garnet reflections. It is a wine with a great structure that we obtain thanks to a careful thinning of the bunches, to a prolonged storage of the grapes on the vine, which are harvested around the end of September – beginning of October, as well as to a maceration on the skins that lasts for several weeks , this also requires a longer-lasting passage in wood due to the resulting richness in tannins, which gives the wine interesting spicy tertiary aromas.

However, there are also primary aromas, i.e. those deriving from the fruit, which remain preserved in the wine because the only objective we pursue with the passage in oak barrels is micro-oxygenation and not the conferring of woody scents.

It goes perfectly with great meat dishes and aged cheeses.

Kabaradis Wine Sardinia